About Us


Global Academic Forum is a non-profit international organization headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with a presence in several countries. This global initiative brings together world innovation leaders, policy-makers and academics in an endeavour to uplift the quality of education globally and promote a system which is competitive as well as aligned with the needs of the larger society.


  • GAF aims to be an established, diverse and leading advocate for “Quality Education, Worldwide”. GAF is focused on expanding its academic rating program and consultancy activities in the UK and international markets.


  • GAF aims to be recognised by governments, councils and academic institutions across the globe as an influential voice on standards and quality for the education sector.


  • GAF’s aim is to provide a respected and rigorous data-driven and inspection-based academic rating program for meaningful, ongoing holistic school improvement while honouring the unique culture and context of each institution.


  • To provide quality assurance and quality enhancement services which assist the institutions in facilitating excellent student & faculty experience as well as learning outcomes.